Chairman's Message

The Society is preparing to hold its 2020 AGM outside of the stipulated schedule; on 18.04.2021 AT 3.30 PM VIA ZOOM. The delay was partly due to the "COVID 19" related issues and partly due to a Court Case that could have had an impact on the validity of the AGM of 2020. The Active members of the Society would be familiar with the facts of the matter.

Briefly, The Society had terminated some members; and a section of them chose to pursue their re-instatement through the High Court of Singapore. Fortunately, the case has now come to a conclusion after nearly two years; with a mutual settlement between the key-office bearers (who were office bearers at the time of the "termination") and the terminated members. The case has now been settled “out of court”; with both parties choosing to discontinue the Court Action by mutual agreement. We look forward to the terminated members re-joining the Society.

The Society was founded by the pioneering leaders of the Tamil Community for a purpose; and that purpose is even more relevant in these challenging times; like what we are presently going through

For the Society to be effective, good intentions alone is not good enough. We also need to have a strong management team. For this purpose, we look forward to members coming forward to be elected to the Management Committee. Based on the By-Laws, four out of twelve members step down each year. This process ensures continuity. Anyone who is able and willing may offer yourself to be elected at the AGM of the Society. Those who wish to be nominated by the outgoing Committee, may also send an e-mail to the Society for consideration. The other option is to directly get another member to nominate an interested member at the AGM itself.

The Society hopes for a better year ahead and for resumption of the Thrift and Loan Activities. Meanwhile, we look forward to your support and understanding.