About Us

Our organisation takes pride in working towards the betterment of the economic lives of the Singapore Indian Community. At the TRC Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd, we encourage our members to save affordable amounts monthly. Savings can be withdrawn during times of need.

Apart from earning a better rate of return for your savings; you can also have the satisfaction of knowing that the monies that you save would be used for Education and Medical Loans for other members, during their time of need. The Society also provides personal loans based on guarantees provided by other members or secured by liquid collaterals. Any surplus remaining after operational expenses is returned to members in the form of dividends and membership benefits. Like all other Co-Operative Societies in Singapore, we are on a Social mission; to improve the lives of members; who in our case have to be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Indian Origin.

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48 Serangoon Road,
#02-19, Little India Arcade,
Singapore 217959.


E-mail : admin@trccoop.org.sg
Tel:  6396 0170
Fax: 6396 0171
WhatsApp: (+65) 9235 5265 


Office Hours
Mon-Fri : 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM
Sat : By appointment
Sun & PHs : Close

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